Yo Yo braids with DO DO ( Dove Dove )

Braids! Everyone was staring at my braids and I was feeling as if I am going to school again. You must be thinking – Oh! Late 80’s story again! Come on! It happened with me recently and you can also experience the same feeling with your beautiful braids with Beautiful ends.

Here is my short story of my beautiful braids! During my childhood I never cared about my hair. My mother took all the efforts of applying oil, massaging and giving them bath at proper interval. I use to wear two simple braids in school days, totally unaware about any style. My mother use to tie a ribbon at the end of braids and then tie it at the upper end of the braid. This was the style of hair those days. I mean, even school has rules regarding it. In my school, we were supposed to wear a red ribbon.

Then I entered the college with single braid and with my own style of caring my hair. I used to take care of my hair and never listen to mummy. I was having different braid style those days. I used to start my braid at shoulder level and not from the scalp & tie a rubber band leaving around 2 inch hair free at the end. I still remember that I use to roll the hair so that I can hide my split hair. I always use to wonder, why I am having hair fall and spilt hair. And I even found my mother smiling with no suggestions. May be she knew it, that one day I am going to realize all that care she has taken for my hair.

When I realized my hair problem, I started using herbs for my hair. I use to mix Brahmi, Kachur Sugandhi, Maaka, Jaswand (Hhibiscus) and Amala ( all in powder form). To make paste, I use to add Aloe Vera jel or Jaswand Jel or sometimes water. All these powders were available in Herb shops. Then I used to leave this mixture for one hour on scalp. Meanwhile I could complete my dinner prep, pressing clothes or any other house work. Since we cannot see the results immediately, I kept on following the process for years. As per my mother in law’s observation, I had never taken care of my skin. I never used cosmetics or even face powder. However, I had spent lot of time and money for my hair.

DOVEhairfall_rescue_system_maskAnd then I met an Angel- my friend – Shilpa. She suggested me this magic of “Dove split end Rescue system ”! The amazing thing with this magic Deep Repair Treatment Mask is that I could see the result in one month. I just have to massage the scalp with Dove hair mask  and rinse after 3 minutes. At last, I don’t have to mix all those herbs and wait for one hour. And even don’t have to wait for years to see the results.

I am just with my beautiful braids with Beautiful ends!

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