My Reliance Experience

I wanted to buy hair drier and thought of visiting Raghuleela Mall. Guess what, when I was checking my indiblogger account, I found an interesting IndiVine. The IndiVine was regarding Reliance Digital store. We were also assured that, there will be some surprise waiting for us , when we will visit the store. First thing I did was, just checked the places where we can visit. It was Mulund, Ghatkopar, Malad… I was disappointed as none was in New Bombay area. However, you can find it other Reliance Digital Stores here.

Without losing hopes, I checked the whole list of stores. Ohh…. Andheri. This is possible as my office is in Andheri. And to my surprise it was in the same building where my office is situated. I registered for it and went to that showroom the very next day with my colleagues.

The showroom was quiet spacious. There were TV, laptops, mobiles and other computer peripherals at the ground floor. Since I wanted to buy hair drier, I visited Reliance digital first floor section. All the items were very well displayed. The eye catching was refrigerator section. Even lots of washing machines were on display. I found my option in grooming section. I liked the purple colored Panasonic hair drier. However, I did not buy it as it was along with lot of accessories.  So I selected the simple one, it was Panasonic itself.

Ohh.. About the surprise? Since no one was aware about the goodiebag, one of the sales girl assured me to call back. She took my mobile number. She even called their main office and again assured me if get back to me. After all what we need is a good approach from the staff. They were very cooperative.

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