True nature Lover

It’s a start of April and my son asked me “Mummy, when we are going to native?” He has already started planning for his vacation. I just smiled and said “No dear, not in this month. May be we can plan for June first week?”To my surprise, he was happy. He said “Mom, it will be fun. You remember that “Mango carpet “in the garden. I want to enjoy it. It will be fun if we will go late this year.”

Really kids remember the things they experience ,than what they hear or learn in school. This reminded me the first time when I taken him to native place. Our native is in Raigad district. Our relatives have planted lot of mango trees in his farm. It was around last week of May. The day before we reach our native, there was mild rain shower. The surrounding near our relatives house was filled with mangoes that dropped due to rain. Being a metropolitan resident, we are habituated to see Mangoes in small basket or boxes in the market. For our urban minds mango is very precious. May be he was observing it when we cut it carefully or share it. And, in our native those precious mangoes were sprinkled like flowers. My son was surprised and at the same he was enjoying. We were glad to see his happy face. He started running around the house round,round and round. First he collected as many mangoes as he can collect in his tiny hand. Then he realized, he need basket to collect them. He ran inside the house, taken a basket and started collecting the mangoes. After some time he started asking my uncle, how you have created this “mango carpet” (this was his word for all those plenty mangoes fallen in garden due to rain.) He asked how all mangoes fell at a time, why you are all not collecting it, what will happen to those mangoes if we do not pick them up and …… My uncle was answering him with a smiling face.

» Kissan Tomato Ketchup  Tomato Sauce  Tomato Paste KeKissanSo…his excited face reminded me the old incidence. As my uncle has answered all his curious questions, now he knows more than me regarding various things related to farming and gardening. He can recognize different trees like Asoka, banyan, neem, guava, jackfruit etc. He even has idea which mangoes are good for pickle and what is the right time to make it. He loves mango murabba , that I make at home. Actually I mix grated raw mango, sugar and keep it in the hot sun. It takes around 8-10 days, to make such murabba. I take a big vessel for it and wrap a soft cotton cloth on the top of it. Every day I open that cloth and mix the mixture and again tie that cloth. He enjoys all the process in those 8-10 days.

My son has a special bond with mother nature. And I take care that his love will grow day by day.I also take care that he spread this love with his friends too. He is true #NaturesFriends


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