Hot water bath – Hydrotherapy

What you do to relax yourself after the hectic day?

I got lot of different answers for this. Some may like to listen to music, some may like to read or some even chooses to go for a long drive. But to my surprise, 90% people answers – ‘Having a hot bath’. It is true that there is no other thing than hot water bath that refreshes you. Even Ayurveda suggests hot water bath for relaxation.

Most prefer to have bath in the evening as they want to get rid of odor of sweating. According to skin experts sweating is good for skin health. Waste metabolites are eliminated from body due to sweating. However whatever good for your skin/ body may not be actually good for you. Let me explain you with the help of What’s that smell, Boss?

There is another way to get rid of the waste toxins from your body. Just have Hot water bath !!!

It’s not all. Here are few more benefits of having a bath with hot water.

  •  Hot water bath help to accelerate blood circulation and further helps to relieve our stres.
  • Hot water bath is suggested in diseases like cold, joint pains, back pain and arthritis.
  • Hot water is good for infants as well as for aged persons.
  • Hot water bath helps to open the pores in our skin and boosts your oxytocin levels of skin. It has the same effect while we take steam during facial.

However, many of my friends argue me that hot water bath is wastage of water as well as electricity. I believe in reduce, reuse and recycle. I have a great solution for this. We can use shower than having a tube bath. Same way I have a great energy saving option for hot water. Instead of electric heater, solar heater is the perfect eco-friendly and cost effective option.

Here is one great eco-friendly choice of  Racold water heater. Racold has won “National Energy Conservation Award ” by BEE for four consecutive years. As well the company is also a winner of award “Best Performed Manufacturer on installation of Solar Water Heaters in 2011-12″ by MNRE. Racold is a great green solution for having hydrotherapy.


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